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Oil & Gas Lease Operator / Non Operating Working Interests Insurance

For the fastest and most accurate oil & gas lease operator / non operating working interests insurance quote, please fill in ALL information in the form below. This information will be kept confidential and will be used for underwiting purposes ONLY!

-- Texas Only Please --

General Information
Named Insured:
City:   State:   Zip:
Phone Number:   Fax Number:
Contact Name::
Email Address (Required):
*Social Security # or FEIN:
*Required by insurance companies in order to quote

Desired Coverages
Please Check Which Coverages You Would Like Us To Quote On:
Quote General Liability Coverage?: Yes   No
Limits Required: General Aggregate:   Each Occurrence:
Excess or Umbrella Liability Limit: $1,000,000   Other:
Control of Well/Operator's Extra Expense:
Oil Lease Property:
Workers' Compensation:
Professional (For Consultants, Engineers & Geologists:
Other: Yes  

Miscellaneous Information
Please list present carrier(s):
Please list your renewal/expiration date(s):
Annual Payroll: Est.
Number of Years In Business:
If new operations, outline principal's:
Loss History - Past Five Years:
Describe Any Other Operations:

Oil Lease Operator's Section
Does Insured Have Any Interest In, or Connection To, Any Off Lease Pipelines?: Yes   No
If so, describe:
Does Insured Have Any Interest In Gas Processing or Sweetning Plant?: Yes   No
Are any "Over The Hole" Operations Performed By The Insured?: Yes   No
If So What Are They?:
Area or Radius:   And State(s) of Operations:
Is Any Lease Inside City Limits?: Yes       Developed Areas: Yes       Railroad Right of Way?: Yes
If Yes Please Indicate Below:
Does Insured Have Any Operations On or Near Water, i.e.; Lakes, Swamps, Rivers, Creeks, Oceans, Bays, Bayou, or Bog?: Yes   No
If Yes, Please Indicate Below:

Well Schedule
Depth of
Operated Wells
Wells Only)
(O/S City Limits)
(I/S City Limits)
Disposal Plugged To Be Drilled
(O/S City /
I/S City)
Shut-In /
T. Aban
(a) 0-2000 ft. /
(b) 2001-5000 ft. /
(c) 5001-10,000 ft. /
(d) 10,001 - 15,000 ft. /
(e) 15,001 or Over /

Additional Miscellaneous Information
Approximately how many contracts do you have requiring you to name another as additional insured?:
Approximately how many contracts do you have requiring waiver of subrogation?:
Approximately how many contracts do you have that require a 30 day notice of cancellation?:
Do you have all your subcontractors sign a Master Service Agreement including an indemnity clause, additional insured & waiver of subrogation in your favor?: Yes   No
**Please send us a copy of your standard Master Service Agreement.
We have a standard agreement that you are welcome to print and use.
Click here to access it.You will need Adobe Acrobat to open this document.
Any off-lease pipeline interest as: Operator   Non-Operator
How many non-operating wells are there?: 0 - 15%   15.1 - 50%   50% Plus   Total NOWI's
In what states are these wells located?:
Any off-lease pipeline interest as: Operator   Non-Operator

Please click on the "Submit Quote" button to send your quote request.
One of our representatives will respond to your submission as soon as possible.



Important Note: This web site provides only a simplified description of coverages and is not a statement of contract. Coverage may not apply in all states. For complete details of coverages, conditions, limits and losses not covered, be sure to read the policy, including all endorsements, or prospectus, if applicable. Coverage CANNOT be bound, amended, or altered by leaving a message on, or relying upon, information in this Website or through E-MAIL.
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